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This struggle to stand up for yourself may lead to you becoming angry with yourself and focusing on your perceived shortfalls instead of your talents. Those with natal Mars retrograde will find that their energy is more slow-burning than full-on.

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There will still be ambition and determination, expressed through the zodiac sign where Mars is found, but success will tend to come in fits and starts rather than in a sustained way. If Mars is retrograde in your natal chart, this can also sometimes signify sexual frustration or an impaired sex drive. Mars Retrograde Transiting the Astrological Houses When it comes to retrograde planets, the zodiac sign the planet is traveling through gives us an overall flavor of what to expect, but this changes during each retrograde period.

For a better insight into what to expect during a Mars retrograde transit period, we look at which astrological house the planet is moving through. Take time to acknowledge where you have hurt others and take responsibility for your own actions. Mars Retrograde Transiting 2nd House Tone down your spending and try to put major financial commitments on hold if you can. Take care not to allow jealousy in relationship to become the dominant factor in your love life.

Mars Retrograde Transiting 3rd House Ideas and plans are not thought through properly during this period, which can lead to a lot of wasted energy chasing dead ends. It may be difficult to stay organized, so keep lots of lists and schedules if you need to stay on track. Your starting point — your foundations — are not quite right. Fix that before you expect to make any progress.

At home, try not to be passive aggressive with your kids or your spouse. Beware of expensive DIY projects which turn out to be a liability. Mars Retrograde Transiting 5th House Your focus may be too narrow at this time. Mars Retrograde Transiting 6th House A lack of physical and emotional energy is the biggest issue here. If you have a demanding job or family life, you will need to pace yourself and to perhaps stagger your tasks instead of expecting miracles from your own energy reserves.

This period can be stressful if you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Mars Retrograde Transiting 7th House Conflicts within a relationship can come about due to misunderstandings. Mars Retrograde Transiting 8th House Start with what you already have. You already have more than you need. Look to see which of your emotional or material resources are under-used and under-valued, and work to maximize what is already at your disposal. Mars Retrograde Transiting 9th House There are bigger picture issues at this time, and you may be too obsessed with detail.

Take time out to review your roadmap and your progress towards your goals. Mars Retrograde Transiting 10th House Tone down the competitive urge in your career and your ambitions.

Finding a solution which works for you and benefits others too is a more sustainable route through a potential career impasse. Mars Retrograde Transiting 11th House Teamwork suffers under this influence, because the blame game begins. Regardless who is to blame for a problem, this is actually a good time to renew bonds of friendship — provided you genuinely care for someone are not just using them. Mars Retrograde Transiting 12th House The situation feels out of your control — and it is, for now.

This period is about surrender and acceptance. Try to leave behind your need to be in charge and simply allow life to unfurl around you. If Jupiter is the planet of luck, does that mean that Jupiter retrograde is a particularly unlucky time? What Happens When Jupiter is Retrograde? All of the planets, from time to time, appear from earth to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This backwards movement is what we call retrograde motion. This is an optical illusion — no planet actually moves backwards. Because of the variable orbits and orbital speeds in the solar system, it just appears to that way to us.

Jupiter turns retrograde approximately every 9 months, for up to 4 months at a time. If this is the case with you, then you have what we call a natal Jupiter retrograde in your birth chart. Probably more significant is the effect that each Jupiter retrograde period has on any given birth chart, as the retrograde symbolically travels backwards through the chart in what we call a transit Jupiter retrograde. In astrology, the house Jupiter transits during its retrograde period becomes significant from a spiritual and philosophical point of view.

Jupiter is also said to illuminate lessons left over from a past life. You may find during a Jupiter retrograde period that your own truth differs somewhat from the truth seen by those around you.

And that this is OK. Your own subconscious and unconscious will be hard at work sending you clues and messages; great personal growth is possible if you only take time to listen. Jupiter Retrograde in the Natal Chart Generally speaking, those born with Jupiter retrograde in their birth chart have less faith in life than others.

If this is you, you may have tried to find answers through an established religion or belief system but been left disappointed. Natal Jupiter retrograde people often need to establish their own unique beliefs or to differ from the path in some way. Astrology suggests that you may struggle with the concept of joy, finding it hard to understand how blessed you are.

Jupiter Retrograde Transiting the Astrological Houses When it comes to retrograde planets, the zodiac sign the planet is traveling through gives us an overall flavor of what to expect, but this changes during each retrograde motion period. For a better insight into what to expect during a Jupiter retrograde transit period, we look at which astrological house the planet is moving through. Do something which may seem mad, but which you instinctively know will benefit you. You can now truly create your own luck.

Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 2nd House Instead of bemoaning a lack of money, try focusing on your own inner resources. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 3rd House Is something missing in your life? Try to get more involved with the local community. Speak your truth on issues of importance, campaign, mobilize and help others to grow a stronger community. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 4th House Jupiter retrograde here has strong karmic links, so you may wisely spend this period investigating hypnotic regression or similar.

Find out what makes you you. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 5th House The best thing you can do during this Jupiter retrograde period is to have fun. Spiritual and personal growth will come by following what makes you laugh and avoiding what makes you sad. It really is as simple — and as complex — as that. Make a conscious effort to cut negativity from your life and instead focus on the positive. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 6th House Honor your body at this time by focusing on your physical wellbeing. People you meet during this period may seem to have an instant connection with you, possibly from a karmic link.

During this period, open up to your sweetheart or to a trusted friend or ally. Let your fears show, let your darkness show, and trust that you will still be loved regardless. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 9th House Stop obsessing with details. Use this period to deliberately look at the bigger picture.

Force yourself to let the day to day worries take care of themselves for a while, so that you can take an overview. If that means re-training or taking a pay cut, so be it!

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Make small positive steps towards change in society, whatever that means to you. Join a political party, demonstrate, write, teach — be the change. Jupiter Retrograde Transiting 12th House Investigating faith is a good way to spend this period. Work on what you believe and why. Everyone believes something. Shore up your own belief position but be sure to listen to the views of others too.

We know Saturn as the task-master of the astrological planets. What Happens When Saturn is Retrograde? All planets turn retrograde from time to time, but what does that even mean?

November 22 and astrology

When Saturn goes retrograde, it simply appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on earth. Saturn spends around 4. In astrology, Saturn energy rules discipline, responsibility, hard work, duty and boundaries. When Saturn goes through a retrograde motion, that energy is inwards focused within us, rather than outwardly focused on the world.

Scorpio weekly horoscope for january 6 2020

Think carefully about what unconscious patterns from the past — or from a past life — you might be repeating. Saturn retrograde is therefore a good period in which to try past life regression therapy, or to undertake counseling for anything which has negatively affected you over the previous year. This is an opportunity to dump your baggage and to more forward with a clearer head and heart.