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So there's an interesting method that's used in Vedic Astrology to calculate the proposed time when someone would either get married or get into a serious relationship. Used with many celebrities with accurate results according to Marc Boney.

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For example, if the planet lowest in degrees is in Libra, the sign opposite to it would be Aries. The sign opposite to it is relevant as well discussed later Then you would look at the chara dasha a period system in Vedic astrology , which is the sub period or period of a sign and see if you are currently running that sign or the sign opposite to it and if so, that could very well be the time when you would get involved in a serious relationship or get married.

If any one is interested, here are the steps: 1. First go to calculations on the left hand side, and scroll down until you see something that says "shodashvarga charts. Look to see what sign the planet with the lowest degrees that we established earlier is in. Next, also under the calculations tab on the left hand side, you should see "char dasha.

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Now, look to see the current time period that falls in or future ones if you'd like to see that or even past times to verify. If you are running either the major period or sub-period of the signs in the birth chart or Navamsa that contain the planet with lowest degrees or the signs opposite to them , then bingothat could be the time when it happens.

Free Online Indian Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Calculator

Curious to see if this is accurate for people past, present, and future , so try it out if you'd like! Last edited: May 13, Thanks x 11 WTF! May 13, 2. Thanks x 98 LOL! May 13, 3. May 13, 4. I tried but way too confusing. The astro chart said lowest degree was Saturn in Sag opposite Gemini but the Kundli chart says Saturn is in 12 Pisces?

Basic features

The char dasha part is also very hard to understand. May 13, 5. Thanks x 3. May 13, 6. You should note that Chara is in Jamini Astrology Because there are other dahsa's like vimshottari dasha which is used more frequently I'm gonna check mine out now and see. Thanks x 2. May 13, 7. Thanks x 1. May 13, 8. I don't understand the major or sub-periods you are speaking of.

Is that major? I'm sorry, I don't know what any of this means. May 13, 9. May 13, I'm so interested in figuring this out, but I keep confusing myself. Thanks x 5. Thanks op! I found the time periods for both signs. This was fun! My lowest degree planet was Mercury in Sag at 1 degree. Both are in the 12th house as is the Sun, so some loss of parental care would be expected which did not happen apparently. Finally, the South Node, Ketu, is in the 10th house, and people born with Ketu in this location commonly have more than average setbacks in career. I next looked at the Vimshottari Dashas for this chart figure 2.

I am skeptical of the birth time because the dasha periods just don't quite line up. It has been my experience that people who have long, successful careers often first become ambitious if they begin Rahu Dasha at a young age. Putin has said that martial arts training, which he began in , had a significant role in his development. However, in the am birth time, he would not have entered Rahu dasha until , his last year of secondary school. This would have been overly late to explain admission to an elite university directly from high school — he would have had to have been diligent through secondary school to achieve this.

Another concern is that Jupiter dasha began in , four years after his marriage and six years after he began a career in the KGB, the Soviet Secret Service, in which he steadily rose through the levels of bureaucracy.

Finally, he entered Saturn dasha in , four years after the fateful events of in which he became Yeltin's appointed successor and then President of Russia. Notice that several key events occurred about four years before the dashas changed in this chart; for a Vedic astrologer, this is a key clue to how far off the chart might be from the true birth time.

I then checked various birth times to find out which hour would best fit the dasha periods. The best fit, I believe is with a sidereal Capricorn rising, corresponding to about pm birth time. See figure 3. Can I picture Putin as a Capricorn rising individual, serious, hard-working, and ambitious? I next looked at the Ascendant ruler, Saturn, which in this chart is well-placed in Virgo in the 9th house with the Sun.

The father, described by the 9th house, would be active in his life, serious and strict — his father was a naval officer and a war veteran and party member with a factory job — humble but able to provide a frugal living. The mother, is described by the 4th house, Aires, which has Jupiter placed in it — his mother was religious and provided well for him. Despite having grown up in squalid communal housing, he nonetheless had a secure childhood with regular meals, good education, and a path to Communist Party membership, far better than his parents' generation.

The 9th house ruler Mercury is in the 10th. Venus the 10th house ruler is in its own house. Only the 5th house ruler, Mars, is in an unfavorable location in the 12th. In this chart, Rahu, the North Node, is in the first house, adding extra emphasis to the idea that he is an ambitious individual. Mars in the 12th house could fit with a person working in the KGB and having an interest in martial arts, a individual rather than team sport in which strategy and surprise play a key role.

Note the 10th house is Libra and that in this chart Mercury has moved to the 10th house and Venus is there, with an aspect from Jupiter in the 4th house. One would expect to find someone who can be successful in a career and who can use charm and negotiation as a tool. The 9th house is Virgo and with Sun and Saturn there we would expect someone who did well in higher education and studied some serious practical subjects: in his case Law and later a post-graduate degree in Economics.

This is not the chart of someone with a military career. Moon Dasha : In this chart he began life in Moon dasha — the Moon is exalted in the 5th house, a favorable house, and he was apparently a healthy child who experienced parental love and care. Mars dasha began in shortly before he entered school in The only information is a report that at age 11 he was one of the last children of his 4th year class to be admitted to the Communist Youth Organization because of his unruly behavior.

Although very general, this does fit the description of a Mars dasha. Rahu dasha began at age 14 in , the year he began martial arts training; in the Capricorn rising chart the Rahu dasha gains extra importance since Rahu is in the first house. We should not underestimate the importance of the martial arts to his development and refining his ambitions. This dasha carried him through the rest of his academic career and early years in the KGB and fits so well with the image of a man whose career was as a spy!

Jupiter dasha note that he married and had two children near the beginning of Jupiter dasha, and that in he went to work for the KGB in East Germany. He was called back to Leningrad in after the collapse of the Communist Empire. This is exactly the sort of event one associates with a Ketu sub-period in Jupiter — an interruption or setback in a steady rise.

What Is Vedic Hindu Astrology?

But despite the recommendations of a panel to fire him, he held on to his job in the city government. Note that for a Capricorn rising individual, Jupiter dasha is not the height of the career, as it is a functional malefic, ruling the 3rd and 12th houses. Rather it is the preparation for the Saturn dasha which is generally the height of career.

In the remaining years of Jupiter dasha, he rose steadily in the government of St. Petersburg and later transferred to Moscow as part of the Yeltsin government. Saturn dasha began in and will end in In the last year of Jupiter dasha, on Dec 31, , Yeltsin abruptly resigned and named him as successor of an interim government. He stood for election as President of Russia in , again in , and in Saturn is the Ascendant Lord and is in the 9th house and rules the 10th house, so for Putin the Saturn years are the peak career years.

During the years his close associate Dimitri Medvedev served as president, but all have agreed Putin retained a substantial degree of control behind the scenes of government.

VIDEO: Learn to Read Your Astrology Chart with The AstroTwins

Other notable events include the Kursk disaster in August, , the second was in Chechnya in , and the Moscow theater hostage crisis of March 14, , major diplomatic gestures to Iran, Libya and China in , and invasion of Georgia in Mars sub-period of Saturn Dasha. This sub-period began some time in the spring of Because Mars is in the 12th house it may be reasonable to expect secret action and dealing. In the fall of , Putin offered asylum to Edward Snowden, the American NSA agent who absconded from the USA with classified data he claimed revealed evidence of massive violation of the privacy rights of Americans.

Russia thus obtained potential access to much of the workings of the American security systems, a major coup for Putin.

Russia overtly and covertly aided Syrian President Assad despite objections from almost all other nations about the horrific methods used by the Syrian government in that civil war. The Mars sub-period is currently in effect until some time in the summer of If the proposed birth time is correct, some time in the summer of he will enter the Rahu sub-period.

During this three-year period Putin can be expected to be uncommonly ambitious and domineering, and will continue to use subterfuge and secret dealings. However, as he appears to have a strong constitution I think it would be prudent to expect him to be around and in power at least through the end of Saturn dasha in Although the location of the planets at the present time, transits, receive secondary attention in classical Vedic astrology, they are still revealing. Saturn has been in the sidereal Libra, Putin's 10th house, most of the time since November and will remain there until November, Since Saturn is Putin's Ascendant Lord and he is also running Saturn Dasha, it is a particularly powerful actor in career and political power — he really is at the top of his game.

Since Rahu is present in his natal first house and has been the signifier of personal ambition for Putin, it has added extra force to his power-plays. Mars briefly entered Libra in February, , but has since moved back into Virgo, his 9th house, where it will remain until July 14,