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Libra: Socialize, Beautify

Goddess Flight - Free monthly original and accurate horoscopes. Goto Horoscope - Click on your zodiac sign to get your monthly horoscope. Hello Horoscopes - Read your horoscope for both your rising and sun signs. Inc Next Month's. Sparkling insights from the experienced Patrick Arundell. Horoscope Daily - Your free monthly horoscope for all 12 signs as well as Psychic, Tarot, Astrology readings and more on love, career, finances and more. HoroscopeFriends - Your Monthly horoscope for every star sign of the Zodiac. Horoscopelogy - A Combination of Horoscope and Astrology, we provide your monthly Horoscope as well as a tarot reading prediction.

Integral Astrology - Astrology from the heart. Your general monthly forecast for all signs by Armand Diaz. Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas - A balance of intuition with esoteric knowledge to give you the best guidance possible. Jan Spiller - Click your sign on the horoscope wheel for this month's horoscope. She is an intuitive astrologer providing both a grounded and spiritual approach to every day living. Jessica Adams - Your monthly forecast by psychic astrologer Jessica Adams.

Jonathan Cainer - Join the millions of fans who love Jonathan Cainer's upbeat and positive style of astrology. John Hayes' Forecasts - Let John guide you through periods of change and help you make the most of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Kim Allen - Monthly readings by Kim Allen. Check out your sneak preview for the month ahead!

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Be prepared for a different type of reading, as this will have nothing to do on the transitions of the planets but psychic energies surrounding each sun sign. Every card will be handpicked with the help of angels and spirits, and detailed using a combination of the Rider Waite, Thoth, and Golden Dawn system.

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My Stars! Horoscopes - Jenna is an astrologer and stargazer. Her goal is to bring you the wisdom of the stars, so that you can plot your own path through the cosmos!

Susan Miller On Her Astrology Forecast For "The Year Ahead" - BUILD Series

My Web Astrologer. Narinder Juneja. Osho Times - A Horoscope for Meditators. Sally Kirkman - Long and luxurious monthly horoscopes from popular astrologer and astrology blogger, Sally Kirkman. Choose to travel during the first 10 days of April, when the planet Mars is positioned at the Twins and your ninth journey home.

Let's talk about the career. The best time to give an interview is May 15th to July 1st when Mars is in your ninth honor house, awards and achievements. This is the first time in two years that you have the help of Mars.

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  • After that day, a solar moon of the New Moon will illuminate you. Get ready because the odds are good for you to win the dream job. When it comes to love, you will have two special periods.

    Weekly | Monthly Horoscope | Susan Miller Libra Monthly Overview August

    If you are single, the best time to find love is in early February. February will also be a good month for those in a relationship, especially dates close to Valentine's Day. If you are in a long lasting relationship, you can marry near Valentine. Think of a new moon as a portal that opens to bring opportunities in one area of life, coaxing you to act on a goal important to you. Jupiter will bring the element of luck to help you get where you want to be, either personally or professionally. You will notice that people around you will be humming a happy tune, for Jupiter is the great planet of optimism and healing.

    The full moon of Oct. This full moon will tightly conjoin Uranus, planet of unanticipated news, triggering a sudden turn of events. At the same time, Mercury will be in hard angle to both Pluto and Mars, two heavy-duty planets, indicating you may feel pressure from an authority figure, whether at work, from within your family, or from another part life.

    Coming up against this person will take a great deal of energy, and you must be sure your facts are correct if you hope to use them to your advantage. This is a hard moment, but as all full moons do, it will clarify a relationship or an endeavor important to you so that you can see what needs to be done. This will be one of the most difficult full moons of the year, so keep your schedule elastic so that you'll have the flexibility to go in any direction necessary. Full moons cleanse and finalize situations, and this one will do that, for sure.