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Aquarius Moon Sign. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace?

Moon in Aquarius

Listen: Your October Numerology Forecast. I think the chances are pretty good she can be faithful. She has Cancer Rising and Mars in Capricorn, both family oriented signs who don't like surprises or change that much. Pisces will make her a romantic, and the Aquarius Moon could make her run hot and cold now and then, but since you have three cardinal, leadership signs yourself, the Cancer and Pisces in her will feel safe with you.

Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, nice sexual tension there. And you like the tender, ethereal Pisces part of her. Your Libra Moon means a partnership is way important to you, but don't be a stick in the mud with all that Capricorn.

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Hearts and flowers, please. Also, Cancer and Pisces make a person need time to be alone. So that doesn't mean she's cheating. She probably likes artistic pursuits, or reading, meditating, has a solitary interest. It doesn't mean you should worry. Just don't boss her around a lot, Capricorn and Libra are leadership signs, and a relationship entails compromise. She's strong, and so are you, so you will have to agree to disagree about some things.

But that's how love is. I think this is a nice combo, don't worry. Take care. Both Aquarius and Cancer are nonconformist signs, so you are very much your own person.

aquarius moon on Tumblr

Both are changeable signs. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so you are inclined to make large and sudden changes in your life. You care deeply about people and are a humanitarian, and Cancers are also nurturing, so you are born to take care of others. The Aquarius Sun means you are always fighting for a cause and have fixed opinions about most subjects.

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  5. But you are spiritual and kind, accepting of everyone. Aquarius rising is the facade you show others, and you are likely tall and have a way of dressing or presenting yourself which is different, or have a style all your own. You accept others for who they are, and love to meet new people. The Moon in Cancer is also changeable, as the Moon travels through all 12 zodiac signs each month.

    These are small changes, but this goes well with the Aquarius in you.

    Moon in 8th house in Aquarius for Cancer ascendant in Astrology

    You are tenderhearted and love family and friends. You are kind and know how to make people feel accepted and at home. You are creative and artistic, and probably have some kind of hobby which reflects this. So changeable that you are, the Cancer Moon makes you a romantic, but a realistic one. You can read people and know if they are sincere. I see you working with people in a busy environment filled with others; maybe the hospitality industry, something that deals with people all the time.

    It's a nice trinity. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Being a Libra, you are kind and popular and like to surround yourself with luxury. This is a leadership sign, and you are fair and balanced, or at least you like your life to feel like it's in your control as much as is possible. You want to be in a partnership and even like to work in them. You have a social part to your personality.

    Your Full Moon In Aquarius 12222 Horoscope Is Here & It's Revealing Plenty Of Unexpected Truths

    The Scorpio moon rules your emotions, so they are deep and intense. You can be very sensual and passionate, but also jealous and possessive. Since Libra is an air sign, you probably need to be around people sometimes, but need privacy too, as Scorpio moon people are secretive and need that alone time.

    You are honest and speak your mind, and you finish what you start. Taurus rising is the way you come off to others. You are approachable and kindhearted and will go out of your way to assist others. You like the outdoors and possibly hiking or other activities which get you outside. Taurus makes you practical, and you are a calming influence on others.

    Are we compatible based on our astrological combination? There's a lot of sexual chemistry there, as opposites attract. The rule here is that opposite signs want similar things in life, they just go about getting them in different ways. If you can work around that, it's at least worth a try. This will be an important relationship in your life, one with your opposite is like your soulmate.

    But you don't always work it all out with them the first time. It's going to be interesting.

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    Are we compatible? I don't want to sound rude, but you are married to someone and don't know if you are compatible? How is that possible? You already decided to share a life with him and made vows. I don't usually think couples of the same Sun sign work, the question I answered last was a couple like this. It's a lot like being with yourself and gets boring. I've seen very few couples who lasted of the same Sun sign in all my years of practicing.

    The Aquarius and Libra Moons are good, both air signs. You both are intelligent and communicative.

    General Astrology

    You are harder to pin down emotionally. You run hot and cold. He's romantic; Libra Moons want to be in a partnership, it's the house that rules marriage. You are both serious with Scorpio and Capricorn rising. You seem intimidating, reserved until you know others, but are strong-willed, passionate, sexy and independent. He is ambitious, more conservative than you, but has an unexpected dry sense of humor, and is strongly emotional; he shows it more in private. So the Moons and Ascendants of these Trinities help a bit.

    Both being Virgo, you are critical with each other, so try to let the little stuff pass by more easily. It's hard to interpret just a trinity. I am a professional astrologer who is used to interpreting whole Natal Birth Charts, and this isn't much information. Since you already married, you must see something in each other, so I wish you the best and hope your marriage is a success. The Moons and Ascendants make it look more promising. I'm a humanitarian. Am I better suited to having my own business or working in a traditional institution to change from within?

    Both of them are good options, so you do understand the dynamics of what Aquarius means in your chart. Since your Sun is in Virgo, it would be possible for you to try the traditional institution and see if you could change it from within.