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We are approaching it from an Earth perspective that is still not in sync with the galactic whole. Then we try to cram the sacred Tzolk'in cycle into a Gregorian one. This doesn't work without some adjustments as we all have deduced by now. We are emerging out of an age of darkness. We are beginning to remember long lost truths. We are also stretching toward galactic alignment.

This tells us that we are out of sync with the galaxy. Well, if we are out of sync with harmonious galactic cycles, how could we possibly force the sacred Mayan calendar, which is based in the harmonious cycles of the universe, into the framework of the faulty Gregorian calendar without some difficulty? We know it is not. The problem is not with the Mayan calendar, it is not with the Sun, it is with our Earth cycles and our currently used Gregorian calendar.

We are trying to link the sacred calendar to the faulty Gregorian based calendar instead of the other way around My buddies, the Cosmic Maya, share that our Earth is spinning too fast at this time to synchronize totally with the sacred cycles. They say that the earth is now slowing its spin as they anticipated. Scientists have confirmed that the earth is indeed slowing its spin When it slows to the point of harmony and synchronization with the sacred timing cycle, Earth will balance its rotational speed and we will align with the galaxy.

Aquarius (astrology)

It is at this time that we will be able to merge and integrate our solar cycles with the sacred cycle. Along with this synchronization, we will have a long-awaited event, a grand reunion with our cosmic brothers and sisters. It will look as if a new door has opened, yet this door has always been there, we just couldn't see because we were slightly out of sync with its frequency. Our awakening is in direct proportion to the Earth's spin and our ability to link up to the cosmos.

As we slow even further we will awaken even further to cosmic knowledge. This is possible because we will be closer to the harmonious frequencies of the universe. How far are we from this reunion? Only 1 minute a day, a vague 60 seconds! The sacred days act as ascension accelerators. With this in mind, we can understand why working with the sacred days helps quicken the process of cosmic awakening within the human being. With the Earth spinning too fast, the Sun comes up and goes down faster than the harmonic timing cycles that emanate from our galactic center. We are solar beings and we count our days from Sun up to Sun up, or midnight to midnight.

We receive our orientation from the Sun. But what if we were out in the universe without a star close by? What would our orientation point be then? It would be a universal frequency, a constant rhythm that permeates the entire universe, a frequency that is a universal constant that binds all manifested form together. The problem is that our solar orientation is our primary focus and obviously hard to ignore. Because the sacred calendar is not based in our solar cycles, another question that arises is "How long is a day in the Tzolk'in?

Other realties receive their timing frequencies in different sized cycles, according to their placement in their local galaxy. You would need to know what orients their days, such as a moon, star or planet. How this is in other realities at this time, we can only imagine. The 13 and the 20 together represent Hunab K'u, the creator of all there is. As an example, the cells in our body contain a universe in proportion to the ones in our starry cosmos.

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How we derive a length of time, space and dimension on our planet is directly related to the most powerful influence of cosmic time we have had since birth, our Sun. Our timing frequencies come to us through the Sun.

The Mystique of Mayan Astrology – A Pura Vida Perspective

The indigenous peoples of the earth understand this, as they believe the Sun is a lens for the creator. Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men says it is time to do the Solar work. This statement is asking us to align with the galaxy by the use of the Sun. But remember, the Earth is spinning too fast, so the Sun is rising and falling a little fast. The Sun is sending us the correct galactic frequencies every day, but we are not quite translating them correctly in our Earthly forms on our hyper little planet as yet.

Aligning with solar cycles is vitally important and necessary, even if earth is spinning too fast, and we still orient our days, Sun to Sun. If we are to help align and harmonize our planet within the galaxy we need to merge the cycles of Earth with the galactic cycles. So how can we help Earth align with the galactic frequencies?

What Is My Mayan Zodiac Haab Sign?

By our collective consciousness. When we pull in the knowledge of the Sun and secure it on Earth we begin to anchor the correct cycles of time, or universal truth. When we hold the sacred cycles as the most important and primary focus and add the solar Earth cycles as a secondary focus, we literally help pull Earth into alignment with the galaxy.

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We as human beings help create this alignment through projection of intention with the use of our physical bodies. When we hold this cycle within our consciousness and our bodies we help with this process.

efydexefoniw.tk Remember what we think is what we manifest! The opposite is true if we place our attention on false timing frequencies. We actually pull the earth out of alignment with the galaxy. We manifest the problems we are facing today, with our planet's destruction and humanity's focus on materialism.

In the dark cycles from which we are emerging, we were in a state of illusion and forgetfulness, keeping us from cosmic knowledge. This has been in direct proportion to our lack of synchronization with the galactic whole. Many have felt that there is something missing in their life or that they are forgetting something profoundly important.

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Some even feel dumped off in this world and feel foreign to this reality. This is because we are disconnected from the total expression of the creator and receive an imperfect translated version of truth. Sign up.

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